Trump saves energy policy

President Donald Trump did an enormous service for millions of Americans last week, when he ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to kill its so-called Clean Power Plan.

But the damage already has been done to millions of other families and businesses — along with thousands of miners and scores of mining communities.

In addition to their other criticisms of the president for issuing the order, some liberals are calling him a liar. He misled miners when he promised last year that if he was elected president, he would put them back to work, say some of his opponents.

But people in West Virginia and East Ohio coal country understood then and do now that saving many miners’ jobs is beyond Trump’s control. People there don’t hold it against him that he is doing what he promised — all in his power to help both miners and other Americans who rely on inexpensive electricity generated from coal.

Hundreds of coal-fired generating units were closed by utilities during the EPA’s heyday of issuing multiple rules aimed at cheap electricity and the mining industry. They were replaced by power plants fueled by natural gas and other methods. The change will not be reversed.

Still, what Trump did restores at least some sanity to U.S. energy policy. It will help some miners and many consumers of electricity. Liberals who lied for years about energy policy have no credibility on the subject of misleading voters.

By Patricia Older

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