Keep probe impartial

Speculation that President Donald Trump plans to remove the special investigator looking into Russia’s meddling with the presidential election has been rampant. Trump surely understands that would be a political disaster.

With Democrats virtually salivating at the possibility they can find some link between Trump and the Russians, he needs to let special counsel Robert Mueller follow the leads. The American people deserve to know just how deeply Moscow delved into our election process — and whether any Americans were connected to the interference with our democratic process.

But a new worry about Mueller is taking shape. Based in part on the people he is hiring to assist in the probe, some wonder whether he may lean toward a less-than-objective investigation, at the president’s expense.

Mueller serves at the will and pleasure of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed him to head the inquiry. This week, Rosenstein assured members of Congress he would not remove Mueller — except for good cause.

If Mueller strays from the straight and narrow, Rosenstein should not hesitate to remove him and name someone else to serve as special counsel. He also should ensure he has a case that will pass muster when, as would be inevitable, he is accused of engineering a coverup.

Obviously, it is to be hoped Mueller will conduct a thorough, impartial probe. That, not a political witch hunt, is what the nation needs.

By Patricia Older

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