Make summer memorable

With students getting out of local schools for vacation, their brains are shifting into summer gear, thinking about camps, jobs, taking trips, swimming, hanging out with friends and lounging around the house.

We hope their summer includes at least these four things:

∫ Lots of reading. The public libraries in this area are wonderful, and we hope they get plenty of use.

∫ A healthy dose of chores, so kids will gain a good work ethic and be contributing, responsible members of their households

∫ Fun, because the happy childhood memories of summer are priceless, the foundations on which our future happiness is built

∫ Relaxation — without screen-based entertainment — to give them time to think and rest, and for their minds to wander.

Well-read, hard-working, happy, thoughtful children will become the next generation of wonderful community members.

By Patricia Older

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