Cheer and Jeers

JEERS — To the thought of higher taxes. Local government and school representatives should understand property taxes are far too high in our area, especially in Gloversville. The tax burden levied by the Fulton County Board of Supervisors, the Gloversville Common Council and the Gloversville school board has had a negative effect on the city, resulting in property foreclosures, good owners leaving for places with reasonable taxation, and hesitation among people considering buying Gloversville property. Local officials should be doing everything they can to lower the tax rates. Yet, we see Fulton County wants to adopt a law to give it the option of overriding the state-imposed tax cap in the 2018 budget. Governments and schools need to stop raising taxes and operate on leaner budgets. Don’t believe them when they say it’s impossible.

CHEERS—to all of the law enforcement agencies that took part in the funeral procession for Northville Police Officer Robert J. Johnson. These were the agencies that sent officers to show support for their fallen brother-in-blue: the Sheriff’s Offices of Fulton County, Wayne County, Albany County, Essex County, Broome County, Onondaga County, Ulster County; the police departments of Gloversville City; Johnstown City; Fort Plain Village; New York City; Northville Village; the Fire Departments of Gloversville, Meco, Sir William Johnson, Sammonsville and Northampton, the Fulton County Fire Coordinator; and these state agencies, the New York State Police; the Department of Environmental Conservation and SUNY Delhi.

CHEERS — to the Canajoharie Police Department and Fire Department and all of the emergency management personnel who helped to save 13 people trapped along the banks of the Canajoharie Creek during flash flooding Wednesday. Montgomery County Emergency Management Coordinator Jeff Smith said the combined “rope rescue team” of the Canajoharie Fire Department and the Rural Grove Fire Department were instrumental in the rescue effort.

JEERS —to a lack of candidates for political office locally. Nearly all of the political offices up for election locally, 76 in Fulton County and 69 in Montgomery County, will be uncontested during the Sept. 12 primary. The major exception being in Gloversville, where there is a contested race between incumbent Dayton King and challenger Bill Rowback Jr. Conversely in Johnstown, despite recent controversies over a steep tax hike and questions about the city’s financies, all of the city offices up for election are uncontested. We often hear about dissatisfaction with local government, but without anyone running for office the message that gets sent to local politicians is “keep up the good work.” Candidates looking to run without party affiliation as independents can begin collecting signatures July 11 and will have from Aug. 15 to Aug. 22 to file petitions. We hope some candidates take advantage of the independent petition process, step forward and help create some competition for these local offices.


By Patricia Older

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