Obamacare unaffordable

A measure of the dishonesty with which the so-called Affordable Care Act was adopted during former President Barack Obama’s administration can be seen in legislation Congress is considering now to replace the ACA — Obamacare, as it has come to be known.

Throughout the country, insurance companies are pulling out of ACA exchanges. They simply cannot afford to provide coverage mandated by Obamacare at rates acceptable to consumers.

How did the insurance companies manage during the past few years? With billions of dollars in subsidies paid out by the Obama administration, sometimes in direct violation of provisions in the ACA. Without those enormous subsidies, courtesy of taxpayers who often did not even know they were being paid, Obamacare will continue to crash and burn.

A replacement bill being considered in the U.S. Senate would provide as much as $50 billion for states to use in shoring up insurance exchanges. That would last no more than five years.

Also included in the bill are billions of dollars to help lower health insurance deductibles for low-income Americans. That is another thing pro-Obamacare liberals forgot to mention — that their plan required so much out-of-pocket spending that insurance became, in effect, unaffordable for millions.

Clearly, then, Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced — because the “affordable” in the law’s title was a bold-faced lie.

By Patricia Older

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