Give a little this season

Most of us are lucky enough to not have to worry about where our Thanksgiving meal is going to come from. Unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of people in Fulton County who live alone, don’t make enough money, are unable to drive or do not have transportation in order to enjoy the feast we often take for granted.

Fortunately, our area is blessed with a number of local churches and organizations which offer free Thanksgiving dinners to local residents. It is a huge undertaking that stretches out over several days and requires the help of dozens of volunteers and monetary donations.

One of those organizations is the Twin Cities Council of Churches, which each year offers a delivered or take-out option. Families can pre-order up to five dinners and they can be picked up, or the organization has volunteers who will deliver the meals.

The more than 30-year-old program is in a corner. They are in dire need of volunteers and donations to make the program successful. Thanksgiving is a week away and the clock is ticking.

They have less than half the number of turkeys they will need to provide the more than 1,000 meals and only nine drivers so far to deliver the meals.

Churches and other organizations are chipping in. The youth group at Grace Lutheran Church in Johnstown is baking 20 pies and the Concordia Club will be cooking the turkeys.

The Deli Warehouse, also in Johnstown, offered non-turkey food at a “significant discount” and will be delivering $1,700 worth food this week for the dinner.

The Church of the Holy Spirit in Gloversville will be the host site for the meals, where volunteers will box up the dinners for delivery.

But what is needed the most to make the event a success is more volunteers. People are needed to donate turkeys or pies. Others are needed to assist on Nov. 21 and 22 to help cook and prepare the meals, and on Thanksgiving, people are needed early to prepare the dinners for delivery.

Volunteers are also needed to deliver meals within the county and help is needed for clean up afterwards.

As shown before, our area is one of the most giving in the region. All kinds of people volunteer for a number of great programs, giving time and money to help others a little less fortunate. Let’s do what we can to make this important event happen.

To help, call (518) 752-5792 or (518) 762-9201.

To order a dinner, you have until Monday to call (518) 762-4477 and reserve your spot.

By Kerry Minor

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