Some good news lately

While the world seems to be falling apart with what seems like more children and animals being abused and killed, wars being fought in nearly every corner of the globe and many more struggling paycheck to paycheck, there are lots of good news we often do not hear about. The really wonderful thing about this time of year are the huge number of acts of kindness played out everyday.

Some residents are playing Secret Santa by paying for random people’s purchases at local stores and restaurants, while others are giving unselfishly to local area toy and food drives.

In addition, one local church has opened its doors to another congregation, which is having issues with its building, and local organizations are giving their all to ensure families and individuals are not left out during this holiday season.

And then there are the little acts of kindness playing out everyday that we often don’t hear about, such as someone giving someone else something they need, but cannot afford, helping an elderly neighbor by keeping their sidewalk cleared of snow and ice and pushing out someone from a snowplow snowbank.

So while the local, nation and internation news is a little disheartening, here in our corner of the world, there is a little good news — people really do care.

By Josh Bovee

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