Strange how political correctiveness works

Well, surprise, surprise: The World Health Organization is riddled with corruption, racism and sexism, say some United Nations officials.

We won’t ask you to pardon us for our sarcasm, because, after decades in which it was obvious some key arms of the UN are rotten to the core, such cynicism is fully warranted. So is the outlook that the current scandal will be covered up with a few slaps on the wrists of low-ranking bureaucrats, followed by business as usual.

That would not be possible without massive support for the UN from American taxpayers. Our government contributes about $10 billion a year, more than one-fifth of the world body’s budget. Of that amount, more than half is in voluntary donations to programs such purporting to address hunger and disease in developing nations.

Revelations such as those to top UN officials ought to have been made public. They were not. Someone leaked the information to Associated Press reporters.

WHO officials in the agency’s Geneva, Switzerland headquarters practice “systematic racial discrimination” against African personnel, according to one memo obtained by the AP. Gender discrimination also is a concern, and it extends to sexual harassment, according to one report.

Senior WHO officials are trying to intimidate those who complain about wrongdoing, one email to WHO leadership complained. That whistleblower cited misspending and corruption involved in WHO’s efforts to combat Ebola in Africa.

UN officials maintain they will get to the bottom of the scandal.

Uh-huh. Just like they have rooted out and curbed corruption for decades.

Any threat to reduce U.S. contributions to corrupt UN programs is reacted to with claims American officials are only trying to harm the poor in developing countries. Meanwhile, blind eyes are turned to those in the UN who care more about enriching themselves and growing their power than about those they are supposed to be helping.

It’s strange how political correctness works, isn’t it?

By Kerry Minor

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