COVID-19 map

We started running a county-by-county data map a couple of weeks ago so our readers would know what was happening in our state in relation to the coronavirus.

Last week, the Department of Health did not update the chart for a couple of days and then they made a slight change to the chart that was not easily recognizable.

What we had been doing was copying the numbers and pasting them into an Excel spreadsheet which we then imported into the document.

The DOH took out Manhattan and replaced it with “New York,” therefore causing everything from Manhattan down, to flow into the wrong field. While the numbers added up, half of them flowed into the wrong field, causing Montgomery County to show 30,000 cases, which should have been Manhattan’s numbers.

We have since changed how we enter the numbers and are cross referencing them in case the DOH makes yet another change to its website — this is the third change since we started running the map.

We apologize for this error and any confusion it may have caused and we will be more diligent in the future about cross checking the numbers.

Some people have said they don’t understand the map in relationship to the deaths in the counties and residents and why they don’t add up.

For example, Fulton County has no recorded deaths from the coronavirus, but two Fulton County residents have died due to COVID-19.

The reason for this is in some counties the more seriously ill patients are LifeNetted to another county/hospital with better capabilities to treat the most critical of patients, and those two residents who succumbed to the disease are counted in another county’s number of deaths.

Unless someone dies at home or goes to Nathan Littauer and dies from the disease before they can be sent to Albany Medical Center, Fulton County will probably not have any recorded deaths.

Thank you for continued readership and the faith you put in us to give accurate accounts of what is happening in our Tri-county area.

By Josh Bovee

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