Transparency is needed, now

Today we are running an article on the Fulton Center and are not using the employee’s real name. We chose to do this because we have been inundated with phone calls, messages and Facebook posts about what is really happening inside the rehabilitation center.

People who work there or have loved ones who work there are outraged that the center has not been supplying the staff with PPEs; and that public health director, Laurel Headwell, reports that none of the staff have been tested positive. The people who are contacting us all say the same thing — the staff do not have personal protective equipment and that none of the staff have been tested by the center for the virus, so how would they know if they are infected.

The Fulton Center and Headwell need to be more transparent with the public as to what is happening inside the rehabilitation center. Not only do people have family who work there, but there are loved ones behind those doors who are patients and are now at risk of dying from this virus.

Even before this pandemic hit, Headwell has been extremely difficult to get ahold of or get answers from.

We called to speak to her about the coronavirus, and the person who answered the phone said Headwell prefers communicating through emails, so we emailed, but still did not get a response, nor did she call.

Everytime we call, she is in a meeting, or out of the building, or having lunch. We are not directed to voice mail, but instead are told to email her, and when we do, 99.9 percent of the time she does not respond.

Montgomery County is pro-active, always responsive, and extremely transparent.

More transparency from our public health director is needed, more now than any other time in our history.

By Josh Bovee

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