Gun restrictions and bans don’t work

The preventable tragedy at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Conn., is being used by federal and state politicians to break their Article Six oaths of office and commit treason against the Constitution. A sure sign of a tyranny is when politicians turn on their citizens and pass unconstitutional legislation that restricts and takes rights away. That is what is happening right now with the attack on the Second Amendment at the federal level and in New York. The Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights is not about hunting or target practice; it is about defending yourself from criminals and a tyrannical government.

Local towns, cities and counties can nullify, with the 10th Amendment, any unconstitutional laws passed by the federal government or the New York State Legislature that restrict our right to bear arms. We, the local citizens, have the power to preserve our liberty and freedom.

The number one cause of mass murder and death throughout world history has been governments. From 1900 to 1999, approximately 290 million humans have been murdered by governments. Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung were responsible for 219 million deaths. Each one of these dictators restricted, banned and confiscated weapons from their citizens before their murderous campaigns against their citizens.

Last year, President Obama signed the NDAA into law, which denies people’s rights to a lawyer or trial and includes indefinite incarceration.

People ask why the Sandy Hook tragedy happened, and here are the reasons:

1. Adam Lanza was mentally ill and needed help and love.

2. If he was on non-psychotic prescribed drugs, they have side effects that can cause suicide and violent acts. The drug companies, the FDA and doctors need to be held responsible for this.

3. Violent movies and violent video games are an influence.

4. Satanic and devil cult influences.

5. Adam’s mother should have locked up her guns.

6. Unconstitutional federal and state laws that created “gun-free school zones,” which are easy targets for murderers.

7. Public school teachers and employees were denied their Second Amendment right to protect themselves and their students with a gun. In Israel, teachers have fully automatic rifles and handguns. There is no need for armed guards or expensive security systems.

Gun restrictions and bans are unconstitutional and don’t work. Look at Chicago with more than 500 murders last year. Look at Sandy Hook for your proof.



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