King a dedicated mayor

I met Mayor Dayton King one year ago when I was competing for Miss Fulton County. Since then, we’ve kept in contact with each other and he has supported me and my involvement with the Miss America Organization.

In addition to King supporting an organization that provides more than $45 million in scholarships for young women throughout America, he supports local organizations, businesses, and individuals.

My point is that Mayor King dedicates his time not only to the local level, but on the state and national level as well. That is what makes him such a great mayor.

I’ve attended several events that Mayor King has put together for the community, one being the Gloversville Easter Egg Hunt. This event was just one of the many ways of Mayor King brings the community together and to ensure that it continues to be a strong one.

Mayor King is a dedicated, genuine and hard-working individual. With his re-election, he will continue to bring those qualities to Gloversville. King continuously puts heart and pride into his service to not only keep the history of Gloversville alive, but to secure a bright future.

To me, Mayor King’s re-election will mean more than just having him as mayor for a second term; it means living in a community that continues to grow and become stronger due to his service as mayor.



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