King deserves second term as mayor

While we do not live in Gloversville, we spend a significant amount of time there for shopping, church and recreation. As two senior citizens from Caroga Lake, we need to feel comfortable and safe in areas we patronize.

We met Mayor Dayton King almost a year ago at church, Love City Fellowship on North Main Street. Our first impression of the mayor was that of a young, concerned man who was very proud of his community. It is easy to see that he finds joy in his family, friends and neighbors. He is a good listener who welcomes input for what works for the good of the majority in the Gloversville area. He also is quite good at delivering a message, seeking compromise if needed while not being condescending or gruff. His demeanor encourages cooperation, and it encourages others to contribute to the betterment of the city.

Dayton King’s leadership skills are excellent. Often, leaders can lead when they are in charge, but true leaders lead by example, hard work and from within, gaining support from constituents.

From all our interactions with King, we feel confident in recommending him for a second term as Gloversville’s mayor. He is a man of principles, Christian standards and political acumen. He is a man who is wise beyond his years and is an asset to the community.


Caroga Lake

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