Mayor takes time to support businesses

I am writing to show my support for the re-election of Dayton King for mayor of Gloversville in 2013.

Over the past few years while owning my small business, “Harley Fuller Basketball Camp (s),” Mr. King and I have crossed paths as result of his dedication to helping the growth of my small business and as well as helping a “homegrown” local business succeed.

He has not only helped me grow my business by “sharing” my camp information on his Facebook page, but he has also taken the time out of his schedule to stop by my camp and show his support as well. I am very appreciative of his support, and I truly believe he takes great pride in helping all local businesses succeed.

Besides the promotion of my small business, I have taken note of Dayton King’s willingness to help members of the city of Gloversville with issues within the city by publicly replying to them on Facebook to help resolve their issues. This is just another reason why I believe he does all he can to help our community.

In closing, we are very fortunate to have Dayton King as the mayor of Gloversville because of his strong work ethic, support of local businesses, as well as his willingness to personally help community members with issues – issues that are, many times, those he is not required to devote his time to.

We want a mayor who has the best interest of the community in mind and Dayton King has shown that time and time again. He has my full support for re-election.



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