Members helped save life

Michael Anich’s recent letter to the editor described in detail his cardiac-arrest episode while he was at the Fulton County YMCA. In his letter, Mr. Anich explained, to the best of his knowledge, his ordeal and how the YMCA’s in-house emergency defibrillator was used to “shock” him back to life.

He thanked the YMCA staff person supervising the fitness center for her emergency care. The fitness center attendant, Susan Ives, is to be highly commended for her prompt, professional help.

I would like to take this opportunity to both commend and thank two other YMCA members who were in attendance and who also provided medical care to Mr. Anich. Physician’s assistant Nicole Higgins and Dr. Philippe Vuylsteke were instrumental in providing the emergency care necessary to literally save Mr. Anich’s life.

On behalf of the YMCA, we are glad Mr. Anich is doing well and that we were in a position to help him in his hour of need. It is very rewarding to see how the Y’s staff, our emergency equipment and our wonderful members could all come together in a way that made a real difference for Mr. Anich.


CEO of the YMCA

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