Staff at facilities offered wonderful care

Along with my brothers, Mike and Rob DeLilli, we would like to share our thoughts about the wonderful care offered by some very special professionals.

Recently, our father, Pat DeLilli, was admitted to the third floor of Nathan Littauer Hospital and later to Nathan Littauer Nursing Home. In a short time, we saw that the nurses, doctors, assistants and all personnel providing care showed tremendous compassion and personal attention to his needs to make him comfortable. After a week in the hospital, our father’s care was transferred to the staff at the Nathan Littauer Nursing Home. To name each and every staff member would be difficult as we would not want to leave someone out. We hope the wonderful staff at both facilities will know who they are.

It was our father’s goal to leave the nursing home and be with his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren on Christmas Eve. The physical therapy department was determined to help him meet this goal with such a compassionate and supportive approach that by Christmas Eve, he was able to spend the better part of the day with his family as he wished.

The recreation department also was an amazing part of helping him feel welcome. He was free to be a part of any activity planned for the benefit of the patients, including the Friday Happy Hours, holiday sing-alongs and weekly Mass. The nursing staff, assistants and doctors provided a very high level of care that made us feel that he was part of their family. They were attentive to his needs and made sure that he had anything he needed to feel comfortable.

When comfort care began, our family was absolutely overcome by the professional care and personal compassion shown to our father at all times. There are not enough words to express the wonderful and heart-felt appreciation from our family to the entire staff at the nursing home for making his stay so comfortable. Your support and guidance helped move us through this difficult time.


and the family of Pat DeLilli

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