Trust teachers to educate

I lately have wondered what happened to the education system.

It seems the only classes at the high school level that ask for an acceptable amount of effort are the advanced classes. I don’t feel this is the fault of the teachers, but the governing bodies overseeing teachers. The state of New York breathes down the backs of teachers to teach how they think they should teach. The fundamental problem is many of the people who belong to these regulating bodies lack teaching experience.

Also, another problem I see is high school teachers seem to be somewhat of a scapegoat. Many children in high school struggle to read and lack interest in the courses provided.

Another problem I see on a local level are the boards of education. It is appalling to require teachers to grade on a scale the board believes to be best. The problem with this is that every teacher grades differently and a lot of students struggle to take tests. So, in a course such as algebra, if you’re bad at tests, homework can only help with 10 percent of your grade.

To conclude, this generation of students and teachers are overmonitored and overtaught skills which should be taught at home. We as citizens of New York should advocate for what we see as just and stand up for what is wrong.

I currently have a petition online on the White House’s official website, which is asking the government to restrict governing bodies of education to require teachers to follow teaching methods that they design. People can sign this petition by visiting,



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