Council’s treatment of son a disgrace

This is Jerry Sherman, Matt Sherman’s dad.

With the information I received about the Lucius N. Littauer Community Ice Rink and the recent Common Council meeting, I?feel it is time to come out in support of my son. A finer person and son I could not have.

I was waiting to hear the outcome of the Common Council meeting to make a decision whether to continue with the Rail Trail Community Garden, which I have coordinated for the last six years or more. I had intentions of expanding into each ward, one ward at a time, depending on the level of participation from that ward.

However, with the council’s decision not to support my son, I will not be involved with the Rail Trail Community Garden any longer. I would have needed council support and I can see it would not be forthcoming.

Feel free to share this with the four council members who voted not to support the ice rink. They are a disgrace to the community and should be voted off the council at the next opportunity the voters have to make a choice.



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