Good point behind minimum-wage hike

I just finished reading The Leader-Herald’s editorial from “LaLa Land” about the proposed minimum wage increase. Your question – “What’s the point?” – showcases your lack of awareness.

For minimum wage to have the purchasing power it had when I started working, it would need to be nearly $11 an hour. So someone making $2 over minimum wage still doesn’t have a living wage. It has never been easy making it on minimum wage, but in the past a thrifty person could. And that was without food stamps, the Home Energy Assistance Program, Medicaid and the earned-income tax credit.

Running a business is not easy, but with a large portion of the population not earning enough money it is all the harder. I challenge you to make up a budget based on $7.25 an hour. Be sure to include expenses, getting to work and health care coverage. I’ve given this challenge to a few of my “right wing” friends and they were astounded.

In the “wide view,” the programs for those who earn a low income are really part of the corporate welfare scheme. “Mr. Businessman,” your choice is to either pay a living wage or pay taxes.

The people who keep track of these things say when we have snuck the minimum up a few cents a year after raising it, no one noticed. But usually we waited so long the size of the increase sent shockwaves through the economy.

When will you ever learn?



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