Shop at small, local stores

I recently had the opportunity to stop by Bowman’s Market at 50 N. Pine Street in Gloversville.

It was like I was transferred back to the good old days. The owners, the Franco family, are still there to personally serve the community. They are friendly and willing to help you with your meat selections as well as other household staples you may need. The quaint little “mom-and-pop” shop of yesteryear is still there.

In today’s busy world, we are all guilty of the one-stop shopping that the larger stores provide us with – picking up groceries, prescriptions and household items all at once. However, they do not provide the one-on-one service that places like Bowman’s and others in our area can provide.

The next time you need to stock your refrigerator or freezer, or even make a special order for a big dinner or holiday, consider Bowman’s. Call 725-7517 to place your order and rest assured, you will not be unhappy.

Think small, shop local.



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