Skating rink gives people place to go

I was born and raised in Gloversville, lived on Union Street and spent numerous hours at the ice skating rink just north of my home.

I am amazed that there is discussion about not reopening the new rink next year. For many years and generations, I can remember the old rink being the wintertime place to be. All the people went to that rink, even when it was just a flooded down field.

There is so little for people to do on a daily basis. It would be a shame for the rink not to provide a needed place for people to go.

The old rink is still alive with the past citizens and Gloversville High School graduates who live all over the U.S., and was recently discussed in a newsletter that is sent out weekly to the graduating class of 1964.

On a recent visit, I noticed how badly the entrance way to the rink had become. Any improvement to the entrance would be well worth part of the money received from the grant.


Gulfport, Miss.

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