Disappointed by doctor

This is a tough letter for me to write. I am so disappointed and devastated to see a different side to a wonderful person I called my doctor and my friend. I don’t need to tell you his name; he will know it is him when he reads this.

When I first got back here from Ohio, I needed a physical for my job (which they didn’t furnish). I called my doctor and he didn’t accept my insurance I had at that time. I had to pay $150 plus cost of the labs to accept this job. I paid it in full.

The facility I worked at changed hands in April so I had to start again with a new insurance. Long story short, I got a letter from them in November saying my conditions were pre-existing so they weren’t going to cover my last two office calls. I spoke to my doctor’s office and told them I was fighting this. Long story short, I ran out of my medications and my doctor (not his receptionist) told me that he would not give me new scripts until this is paid in full. I explained I could pay part of it next week but I was out of my medications. I am a diabetic, have HTN, have diabetic neuropathy, depression and anxiety. I have no medications for any of these.

I am so hurt by his actions. I can’t believe he turned out this way. I trust my mother in his care. Should I?



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