Generous man picked up tab for coffee

On Feb. 21, the Fort Hunter Fire Department was toned out for a structure fire at 4 a.m. Many companies were called out to assist.

At about 6 a.m., I offered to go get coffee and doughnuts at the local Stewart’s Shop on Route 5S. After being out in the cold for so long, the first thing I did was order a cup of coffee for myself, after which I ordered 3 boxes of coffee for the firemen at the scene. While I was waiting for the coffee to brew, a gentleman noticed me in my turnout gear and asked where the fire was. He explained he had just gotten off work at Beech-Nut and he further commented on how cold it was out and said thank God for the volunteer firemen.

As the gentleman was leaving the store the cashier yelled over to me “Hey, that man bought your coffee.”

To my surprise, the cashier told me the gentleman had bought not only my coffee, but also the three boxes of coffee for all the firemen.

Thank you to this considerate man for his kind gesture to the area firemen. It is nice to know there are thoughtful people out there. Beech-Nut should consider themselves lucky to have such a great employee.

Fort Hunter Fire District wishes to also thank all departments that were activated for this call, and for all firemen who volunteer their services and lost time from work. It was greatly appreciated and I’m sure the family appreciated it also. It was a great save.


Chairman, Board of Fire Commissioners

Fort Hunter

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