Please try to help volunteer firefighters

I am writing this letter with some thought that maybe readers really have no idea exactly what our volunteer fire departments actually do for your communities.

These men and women are always there for you in times of fire, medical emergencies, floods, wind damages … and the list goes on.

Volunteer firemen and women don’t get paid in money for the dedicated work they do for you. They do get satisfaction knowing they made someone feel safe and comforted.

Day or night, hot or cold, weekdays or weekends, including holidays, these people are here for you. Some areas pay a fire tax while others are fortunate not to have to do that. Volunteer fire departments work on a budget that is not always the greatest, and sometimes they work hard trying to keep the community safe. The equipment they have to work with is very expensive, from the boots on their feet to the trucks they drive to the scene. Nothing is cheap today, we all know that.

We need your help to provide these services. Replacing the equipment is necessary for the safety of our firefighters, and it is mandated through government laws.

Many fire departments are hosting fundraisers and not because they have nothing better to do. The budgets they are allowed by towns and cities just don’t cut the total costs to run the departments. When someone approaches you for the purchase of raffle tickets or some other type fundraiser, dig deep and be proud you helped out in a small way. Get out there and be part of these events hosted by the fire departments. I promise you will feel great about yourself.

The town of Glen Volunteer Fire Derpartment will host its annual Easter breakfast on March 23 from 8 to 11 a.m. at the firehouse. An Easter egg hunt will follow the breakfast.

If you can’t get out to a fundraiser or have no desire to purchase something, consider mailing a donation to your local fire department. It all helps no matter what you can do to help.

Thank you so much and please make a difference. You will be glad that you did.


Glen Volunteer Fire Department

auxiliary chairwoman

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