State wrong to pass new firearm law

I have a voluminous issue with the law that New York state just passed about buying guns and ammunition. I think that it’s unsatisfactory to make people buy gun permits through a police or sheriff’s department. I say the stores who sell guns should do a better background check on the people who want to buy guns or ammunition. There is absolutely no reason why people have to go through the police or sheriff’s department, when stores can, and do, background checks.

The people at the store need to be more vigilant on reading the backgrounds. If people at the store are more conservative, vigilant and less brain-dead then we won’t have criminals or people with disorders buying guns and ammunition. People need to be more conscientious about people who want to buy guns and ammunition.

What is the government going to do to the people who already own guns? Is the government going to make gunowners pay for all of the guns we already own or are they going to take our right to bear arms away? The government shouldn’t have passed that law. The government can’t go against the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. That’s not fair or right.



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