Stop giving state money

To all gun owners in New York: We can stop Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his crowd from trampling on our Second Amendment rights, and its easier than you think. We band together and stop buying lottery tickets and the state will lose mega millions in just a week; watch what happens then.

To all non-gun owners in New York: Are you sick and tired of the taxes you pay on a gallon of gas? Stop buying lottery tickets and see what happens. All you campers, are you fed up with what you pay for a night at a state campsite, that we paid for and maintain? Just start a movement and begin a boycott and watch what happens.

Sure, government will come back with its financial scare tactics because it has always worked for them. Don’t buy it because their game has been divide and conquer; we must unite and take the revenue from them like they have been doing to us.

You have to be willing to sacrifice for yourselves, your children and grandchildren. We can make things better. Government only makes things worse. Look at what they have done to us.

They have no financial worries. Big paychecks, pensions, medical coverage, dental coverage, expense accounts, gated communities, armed security, travel expenses, etc. And when they want more, they vote to give themselves a raise, and all the while we get pushed deeper into debt. Does this sound like a free and prosperous nation?

Gov. Cuomo says New York will lead by example, so let’s show him and the rest of the states how we did it and they will all follow suit. We can then reclaim our freedom. All will begin to prosper and we will become a strong, united nation once again. We will no longer serve government, they will serve us.

That, my fellow New Yorkers, is the way it is intended to be. Sacrifice and determination is the key.



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