Official’s words refreshing

In a newspaper article published July 28, 2012, Dustin Swanger, board chairman of the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth, mentioned he had state officials tell him Fulton and Montgomery counties are the two most difficult to work with to get anything done. Mr. Swanger concluded that whether it’s true or not, it’s a perception that we have to overcome.

Mr. Swanger went on to say that the cities need to reinvent themselves. Our cities can be social centers, but it means we’ve got to work together and get rid of the man-made artificial boundaries.

It’s both refreshing and encouraging to see a high-level official participant in the economic growth sector put aside the usual politically correct spin, rhetoric and excuses when attempting to explain why revitalization of both counties remains stagnant, and instead focus the public’s attention on the real problems that exist.

If this new increased transparency approach and the realization of what has to be done can remove the obstacles that are out there, Fulton and Montgomery counties can surely move forward toward a more secure fiscal future.



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