Voice opinion reasonably

First, I would like to deeply say “thank you” to the woman who found my parent’s dog. He’s back home where he belongs with no injuries. On March 28, Bandit was found in the middle of the road on Saratoga Boulevard in the early morning. This kind person picked him up so he wouldn’t get hit and called the sheriff’s office. A little while later, I picked him up at Dr. Bluvas’s and he’s home safe. Thank you again. It’s nice to know that there are still good samaritans out there.

Second, recently I wrote a letter to the editor. I realize that my letter is my opinion and I understand that it’s your God given right to agree or disagree.

However, that doesn’t mean you call my home and chew me out because you felt I had no right to write this letter. To the caller who called my house after reading the letter, you should have just written a letter yourself and stated your thoughts. So please people, voice your opinion, but do it right.



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