Bank made a difference for museum

On behalf of the trustees of the Walter Elwood Museum Board of Directors, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Key Bank for the assistance on this year’s Neighbors Make the Difference Day on May 22. Two teams of volunteers from both the Amsterdam and Glenville branches came and helped the museum move hundreds of boxes of artifacts for four hours from our temporary site on Division Street to our new home at 100 Church St. in the former Noteworthy Complex and historic Bigelow Sanford Carpet Mills.

The teams arrived at noon ready to work and do whatever they could. They loaded a trailer up with boxes and then they unloaded it at our new location. Their great attitudes impressed me the most as we worked through a few rain showers with fun and laughter. We would like to personally thank each team leader; Patrick Ragucci of Glenville branch and Marcia Russo of the Amsterdam branch as well as their teams of volunteers including Brent Pollack, Eric Etkin, Hamayun J. Faizy, Julia Schoonbeck, Lisa Krackow and Nicole Aurelia. These Key Bank employee volunteers demonstrated to us that “Community is Key” by contributing their time and talents and muscles to the museum during our time of transition and need.

Key Bank absolutely made a difference for our organization on this day. The generous donation of time allows us to continue our mission, and allows the community to connect to the heritage and culture of our region and the world around us.

By taking the time to touch the past, one can gain a clear and compelling value of our community’s shared historical past, present and future in meaningful ways.


Executive director,

Walter Elwood Museum

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