Bicyclists must obey law

I am constantly appalled by the lack of sense bicyclists in this city exhibit.

Recently, I was driving my car south on Fremont Street in the vicinity of the library. The light at the intersection of Fremont and Fulton Streets was green in my direction; I began to enter the intersection when a bicyclist appeared suddenly to my left heading west on East Fulton Street, riding blithely through a red light, all the while chatting on his cell phone, no hands on the handle bar. I made a panic stop. And he had the impudence to cast a scowl in my direction. Outrageous!

Believe it or not, bicyclists, you are obliged to observe the rules of the road, which is to say, you must ride in the direction that traffic moves, not against it as so many of you do. You must stop for red lights and stop signs, and you may not ride your bikes on sidewalks. I’ll also add that you might desist from riding down the center of Main Street in the dead of night, dressed completely in black and wobbling drunkenly from one side of the street to the other.

Ah well; I doubt this letter will make any difference whatsoever in the way bicyclists in this city ride their bikes, but it was worth a try.



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