Cherish undeveloped area

I live in Speculator. I’m retired and go camping in the wilderness every chance I get, most of the time just for peace and quiet and to monitor the wildlife.

Believe me, I know how precious the last undeveloped places in this country are going to be. I drove a truck in 48 states for two years. I have lived in different big cities. Development is taking over in our small towns. People are coaxing more tourists to help make a living.

I think rangers and the state Department of Environmental Conservation should give talks in every school in parks to show how precious undeveloped areas in parks will become. After all, it’s their park. I know animals will thank you.

People in towns help me get animals back in the wilderness. Visit with rangers. Don’t develop the last quiet place.

Rabies is coming back. Trappers need longer camping permits. I think we care the most about the animals and the park. I sure hate to see it developed. Hiking back in wilderness, I saw moose and calf tracks. In some areas, animals first, people second. See you on the trail. Did you know most of the park would be under water if it weren’t for Paul Schaefer? Read his book, “Adirondack Cabin Country Wild Forest and Wilderness Forever.”



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