Gov’t should correct a bad situation

The good taxpayers of the town of Perth should be made aware of the possible welfare fraud that is going on right here in our own town that neither Department of Social Services or Child Protective Services will do anything about.

There are two very elderly people well into their 80s who for the longest time have had custody of four very wild and badly behaved grandchildren. These people live in an old, run down two-bedroom trailer that is far too small for six people. The kids are always running rampant all over the road, trespassing all over the neighborhood in places where they don’t belong, wearing filthy, dirty clothes and are never supervised by these grandparents who are obviously only doing this for the welfare money they receive. However, these grandparents have no problem buying a mini bike, an ATV, and the gas for these toys to run, on all on the taxpayers money.

There have been numerous instances of child neglect due to these grandparents never knowing where these kids are, or what they’re doing that have been reported, but nothing has ever been done to remove these kids from people who are obviously too old and infirm to be proper guardians.

I am always told that child services cannot discriminate against guardians based on age, and they only need to provide the barest necessity of care for these kids. That might be true, but I cannot see where a mini bike and an ATV should be considered bare necessities. This is a complete waste of taxpayer money.

I can only hope that Judge Skoda will read this letter and remember that his salary is paid by the taxpayers and take the necessary action to correct this atrocity now by removing these kids from people who are too old and incapable of being responsible for them.



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