Program can help boost conservation

“Church youth conservation advocates initiatives” is an expanding youth-oriented program being warmly received in various faith-based communities. Sound, useful, obtainable information and advice is made readily available to the parish youths (and adults) who make up the congregations of participating churches.

The primary subjects always focused upon are the hot-button issues of how our forests, woodlands and wildlife species are being increasingly threatened not only by a growing hostile environment, but more so because of unbelievably human greed, which in itself, if allowed to remain unchecked, will eventually leave behind a legacy consisting of only desolate wastelands where once-majestic forests reigned supreme.

Faith-based communities have become the most productive centralized operational centers in meeting these challenges because enough organized religious entities within their borders are encouraging young people to take up the banner recognizing nature with all of its obvious treasures are considered direct gifts from God to mankind to be enjoyed, respected and cherished for all eternity and should be totally accepted as such.

All it takes is just one adult person in a faith-based community who sincerely believes all youngsters should establish strong ties with the varied aspects of nature, to introduce the mission-goals of the “church youth conservation advocates initiatives” to children (and adults) via the house of worship that they attend.

Church officials, administrators and other conservation organizations may obtain additional information by mailing a written request on their official stationery, addressed to: “Church Youth Conservation Advocates initiatives,” c/o 42 Pulaski St., Amsterdam, NY 12010-5031.



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