Candidates may not know what city needs

It would seem we’re in for yet another popularity contest posing as an election. The candidate with the most signs, or donations, the cutest smile, or the most Facebook “friends,” is destined to win. Yet we, the voters, receive nothing from those who would lead us regarding the substance of their plans.

Mr. Ponticello’s Facebook site ( and website ( have no detail whatsoever. The website does contain some general information, but it has no substance on how he plans to execute his “platform,” as he calls it. In fact, his “platform” is more than three-fourths verbiage about the glories of him, not what he plans to accomplish for us while in office.

Mr. Handy’s barebones Facebook page ( and equally barebones website ( is, like Ponticello’s, devoid of any relevant detail that would help voters understand how he plans to translate his desires into a real plan for the city’s success.

Dayton King, the current mayor, having had four years to actually execute some sort of plan, has not done so despite promises, and he also has nothing regarding his positions enshrined on his Facebook re-election page ( or regular Facebook page (

As an informed voter, this has to make me question whether any of these candidates, intentions notwithstanding, comprehend what it really takes to make constructive strides toward the revitalization of this once great little city.

There is only one path to community revitalization and it involves planning and citizen buy-in. Commonly called a comprehensive plan, New York State General City Law defines such a document as, “the… goals, objectives, policies, for the immediate and long-range protection, enhancement, growth and development of the municipality.” Professional planning brought about revitalization in Auburn, N.Y. and Saratoga Springs. They both started in the same basic condition as Gloversville. By 2010, Auburn was named a Forbes best city; and we all know of Saratoga’s continued success.

Mayor King knows this, and even pledged to make it happen as recently as December 5, 2012, but has done nothing in four years. The other two candidates don’t even mention it.

Are we destined to, once again, elect a leader with no idea how to lead our city into the future? I hope not.



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