Let others have a chance to enjoy outdoors

The letter to the editor from Lewis Page Sr. published July 26 caught my attention. Being a fellow driver and having lived in big cities before, we have a lot in common. I understand the importance of protecting the habitats and the migration of moose, deer or whatever.

Being a city person, he should not forget that a developer wants to build a house in the woods and an environmentalist owns a house in the woods. No one’s different. Keeping graffiti off the subway is no different than tracking the bed-time habits of the spotted owl. It all depends on what you’re exposed to. Some country kids thrive in a big-city atmosphere and some city kids want to keep green space exactly that.

Mr. Page is correct in his thinking, no doubt, but he has a very narrow point of view. His love of the outdoors and all its trappings (pardon the pun) are his point of view only.

There are plenty of folks who want what he enjoys, they just don’t live close enough to enjoy it – so they can’t because you got here first? My guess is with that mentality, Columbus would have instructed Gunther, the head row man, to turn his boat around.

Let’s find a newer world. Common ground can be found – just not from people who want to exclude people from having what they enjoy.



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