Letter got facts of culvert issue wrong

In a recent letter to the editor in The Leader-Herald published July 28, what was stated was wrong. It said the town of Broadalbin Highway Superintendent Lance Winney never called the proper agency about the road closure on Union Mills Road. Winney personally called the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, which is a matter of record. Also, Mr. Winney spoke with another deputy with several witnesses present and was assured he would inform the other emergency services about the road closure.

What the average reader of these letters has got to know is the Town Board never considered the culvert situation on Union Mills Road to be an emergency. They would never give the Superintendent of Highways, Mr. Winney, the approval to do the job and do it right. Only after Mr. Winney went on a five-day vacation did they decide to call it an emergency and attempt to do some repairs. The Superintendent of Highways can do nothing without the approval of the board. Before Mr.Winney took office, it was never this difficult for the highway superintendent to do his job.

In case you do not remember, soon after Mr. Winney took office Supervisor Joe DiGiacomo had him summoned to court for cutting down some trees and brush, which was done to alleviate flooding in the town barn. Mr. DiGiacomo got two lawyers involved. I wonder how much money the town needlessly spent on these legal matters?

After having a forester come, it was determined that the supposedly expensive trees Mr. Winney cut were worth about $9. The board has refused to pay the forester, the engineer and Mr. Winney’s own attorney’s fees.

People who take the time to write to the editor should make sure what they say is true and factual, and not listen to someone who is only interested in some political agenda.



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