Ponticello will help city

I am writing this letter in support of Mike Ponticello for mayor of Gloversville. This position in city government is very important and, therefore, understanding the needs of the community and having the passion to seek out solutions in an effort to improve our community are essential.

Mr. Ponticello has been a leader, a volunteer and a member of many of the groups that make up this community. Being a leader in the educational community, a coach, a parent, and more recently a county supervisor, has given him a perspective on both the ways and means to help our community move forward. I am confident he will use his experience in county government to help look for ways to utilize the resources that are available from both the county and the state. He will be a mayor who will work with the different levels of city and county government as well as our city employees, which includes our Police Department, Department of Public Works, and Fire Department. These are the public servants who keep our city safe, clean, and efficient. I believe he understands the importance of this job and will do all he can to execute the duties of mayor for the benefit of the hardworking residents who would like to see our city come to life again.

Having been raised, educated, employed, and raising children here, I am sure Mike will be committed and dedicated to working at making Gloversville a wonderful place to live. This is a candidate who is truly invested in the future of Gloversville.



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