Recovery is real, possible

September is National Recovery Month, sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. SAMHSA wishes to increase awareness and understanding of substance use and mental health disorders. Prevention does work, treatment is effective and people can and do recover every day.

The 2013 Recovery Month theme is: many pathways to recovery; there is no wrong path. There are many ways in which people seek treatment and sustain recovery as part of a commitment to living a mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy life. People are never alone on this journey to seek healthy lives. Family, friends and community members can support individuals throughout the recovery process. Among the many pathways to recovery are professional treatment, medical care, medication therapy, self-help groups and group therapy. Each person embarks on his or her own unique path. There is no wrong path.

Addiction is a chronic, treatable brain disease that impacts millions of New Yorkers and their families. We need to always remember there is hope and there is help for breaking the cycle of addiction. People break free from the cycle of addiction every day. Recovery from addiction is real and it is possible. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers and their loved ones are living healthy, happy, productive lives in recovery from alcoholism, drug abuse and problem gambling.

In honor of September as Recovery Month, the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Prevention Council and ASAPP’S Promise will proudly sponsor a display of artwork and written work produced by our partners from the recovery community and by friends of the Prevention Council. We also will proudly highlight our Recovery Wall: a heartwarming display of photos of our friends and relatives living in recovery from addiction combined with their personal quotes of what recovery means to them. The display will be housed in the lobby gallery of the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce in Gloversville for the month of September. The exhibit will be open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday for the month of September. Please plan to stop by the chamber sometime during the month to view our exhibit.

A reception celebrating and paying tribute to our friends in recovery will be held on Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. in the chamber lobby. Everyone is cordially invited to our celebration. Please plan to join us.


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