Sale of camp a shame

I am writing after reading of the sale of Woodworth Lake Scout camp. First of all, my husband walked down and helped cut the ribbon when the camp first was opened as he was a Scout at that time. In later years, when we were married we raised four boys, all of whom were Scouts who went to camp there; three are Eagle Scouts, Order of Arrow and so on.

They too had pride in the camp and learning and helping other Scouts learn. I can remember one summer they had a total of 1,000 boys that attended. What a beautiful place; when my one son would come with his boys, he would always take them to see and enjoy what he had always enjoyed.

What a beautiful place, and why was it closed? Of all the Scout camps, this was the nicest. What happens to all the memories left in the dinning hall? Will they be tossed out and destroyed? Hopefully they will be given back to the troops that put them there. In signing off, shame on the people that sold it and for not closing others instead of Woodworth Lake.



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