Vandals showed lack of respect for work

Respect – such a small word, and maybe that is why no one pays attention to the meaning.

My grandson, Jordan Twardy, visited the Wilson Nature Trail in Johnstown. Jordan decided he wanted to fix the trail so the community could enjoy the property. The property was given to the city by the Wilson family several years ago. Jordan knew it was a big project and would take several work trips to make it a nature trail to be proud of. There are even donated benches along the trail.

He recruited volunteers (Lions Club, Scout troop from Burnt Hills, family) along with businesses to donate mulch, paint, stain, pallets, etc. (Gloversville True Value, Noble Ace Hardware, Pro Build and Supply, Harveys Home, Garden and Pet Center). A Dumpster was donated by County Waste and Recycling. He is planning on doing another work group in early September.

We took a walk there last weekend and discovered the work the volunteers had done was undone. The fence was broken and some of it was on the trail, and pathways had been destroyed. Someone ransacked the trail. I hope the kids or adults enjoyed destroying Mother Nature. This trail could be a peaceful and quiet retreat. One of the volunteers did not even realize this was in the city of Johnstown.

I realize this property cannot be patrolled by the police, but that is where respect comes in.

My grandson would still like to continue this project, but who would volunteer when someone is waiting in the wings to destroy the work?

Whoever did this, I hope your conscience bothers you enough to volunteer when asked. Jordan is learning a life lesson – not everyone is respectful and has good intentions.



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