Exiting new lot confusing

The new Walmart was a pleasant surprise, although mystifying. It is much larger, but required scouting trips to find familiar departments.

The addition of fast-food chains, a bank and various other necessary shops has created the old downtown under one roof. Thus, the revitalization of downtown Gloversville has been forewarned – to get people back, they should roof Main Street to eliminate bad weather and auto traffic and they might even institute a PA system, “Hello shoppers, for the next 15 minutes, Butch’s Pizza is offering a slice of pizza for $1.”

However, a complaint. On leaving, I found myself driving a tortuous maze of congestion in search of the exit lane. It reminded me of a casino that wouldn’t let you out until you’d gambled your last dollar.

Since this mega-store will be here for decades, I think Walmart should immediately rectify its parking-lot confusion.



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