Give King another shot

For as long as I can remember, the person elected as mayor of Gloversville has changed like clockwork every four years. As I look around me, I have to wonder if that is, perhaps, why we seem to be stalled and unable to make any progress in revitalizing our once great city.

As election time nears, I would ask the voters to cast their vote to re-elect Mayor Dayton King.

Whether you think he has done a good job (as I do) or are not a huge fan, I think it would make sense to vote for some much-needed consistency in government.

While I don’t necessarily agree with everything he has done, I think Mayor King truly cares for the city of Gloversville and its citizens. He works very hard, his heart is in the right place and I am confident in his ability to lead us into more prosperous times.

It is quite obvious electing a new mayor every four years has not worked. Let’s try something new and see what happens!



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