Lane seeks another term

I am running for re-election to the Johnstown Town Board this year. Having served in that capacity for 3 1/2 years, I believe I have gotten a handle on how to do my job there. While each new situation presents a new learning curve, the usual town business procedures are well in hand.

Several projects we have started during my time on the board are still in the developing stages. I would like to continue to work on them.

We are beginning to explore ways to attract new businesses and new homeowners to the area as a means of improving our tax base, while, at the same time, preserving and enhancing the rural setting of our town. We have had an increase in new homes being built here, and several new businesses have located in the town, but we should be able to do more.

We are moving forward with the new town zoning codes, but they continue to need interpretation and explanation as questions arise.

The town has begun to establish improved working relationships with both the cities of Johnstown and Gloversville. I would like to continue to participate in the discussions to move those relationships forward to benefit everyone in the town.

Our Town Hall has had several upgrades this year to improve the heating system and the telephones. We are now working on ways to deal with the storage of the records that must be maintained.

The Revenue Sharing Committee, of which I am a part, has begun to function more effectively between the town and the city of Gloversville. I hope to find ways to make that contract work effectively for the town as business opportunities arise around the new Walmart store.

These are difficult times for all of us. The economy has been very slow to recover in Fulton County. Jobs are still scarce and money is tight. We are working at the town level to keep our expenses in line and to bring more prosperity to the area.

I ran for this office in 2009 because I wanted to help keep our town a great place to live, to raise our families, to work and to retire. I have kept an open mind on all issues, and have always represented all the town citizens, regardless of party affiliation. I would like to do that for one more term as your town councilman.


Town of Johnstown

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