Letter writer got it right

I would like to comment on Bill Hunt’s recent letter to the editor – and to U.S. Rep. Bill Owens?- “Affordable Care Act may destroy U.S.”

Thank you, Bill, for your letter. I agree with it all, and I also would like to thank Bill Owens for his continued support for service members.

I am a retired service member myself and my daughter has already received her notice she is no longer eligible for medical insurance through my retired medical insurance, Tricare, from the Department of Defense. I called Tricare because Obamacare was supposed to allow children to stay on their parents’ insurance until they reach the age of 26.

It appears that Obamacare does not apply to Tricare, and therefore does not apply to any service member who has children over the age of 21.

Thanks, Congressman Owens, for your support for the service members in your district.


St. Johnsville

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