Mayor King a champion for community

Gloversville Mayor Dayton King is a community champion. That statement I make with the truest sincerity. No mayor I know of has ever been or will be as accessible as King. If you ever encounter a problem in Gloversville, all it takes is a quick Facebook message to Mayor King and he will help you solve the problem.

To add to that, he doesn’t shoo you away with a little redirect; he gives you a true and sincere response and follows it with action. I have seen this many times in my role as a youth member of the Recreation Commission for Gloversville. I have seen this most recently at a commission meeting where he supported a group of kids trying to get the basketball park off East Fulton Street fixed up. These kids contacted the mayor and he constructed a plan with them and then brought them to the commission meeting, where he backed them up and supported them, as he will continue to. He has done the same for me, which led to me being put on the Recreation Commission.

Also, if you look at the direction our community is going, how could you elect another mayor? We recently acquired a Walmart Supercenter, which will give our city tax dollars for years to come. Some people like to put credit in other places, but why is it things come together as soon as King takes office?

We have also had countless other businesses move into our city, which I do not believe would be here if Mayor King didn’t change our reputation to being a business-friendly city. For example, a Burger King will open inside city limits, We’ve had a barbershop come to Gloversville, as well as a sausage plant.

Our resources as a city are growing, too. Our Fire Department will be getting a ladder truck. Mayor King truly cares for our city and it is showing,

Please help our city grow by supporting him in the Republican primary, as well as the Conservative primary, and then in the general election. If you have any questions, call me at 752-6616.



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