Mets’ triple-A team should be in our area

In the great state of New York we have two major league baseball teams: the Mets and the Yankees. We also have several minor league teams: one A-level team in Troy (Tri-City ValleyCats), and three triple-A teams, with one each in Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo. None of these teams are affiliated with the Mets or the Yankees. The Mets do have a double-A team in Binghamton, but we would like to propose bringing the Mets’ triple-A team to our area.

Triple-A teams are at the top in minor league baseball, just one step from the majors, and only a few cities can support them. There is one local region that has so much to offer, yet it lacks a triple-A team. This is the area north of Albany and into Saratoga.

The Mets triple-A affiliate is currently located in Las Vegas, which is more than 2,000 miles from its major-league team. Everything about this location is wrong. It’s too far, it’s too old, it’s too hot and it’s crime-ridden. The players have referred to it as the worst possible place to be.

The ideal time to make a move will be when its contract is up in 2014.

The Mets need a prime location in the same state as their major team. We are less than 200 miles from New York City, and can enhance the fan base for both the major and minor teams. The shuffle of players between the two teams would be so much easier.

The area near Saratoga has shown tremendous growth. GlobalFoundries is a new industry. There are plans for a casino. We have the racetrack, the Performing Arts Center, and so much more. The addition of a triple-A team would only make this region better.

We are a father and daughter who have been Mets fans since their inception in 1962. We don’t have the clout to make something like this happen; however, we hope to spark interest in the professional people who can bring this to reality. Can you help us, sports editors and writers, planning boards and government officials? Other Mets fans, will you speak up in support?

Let’s go out to the ball game – right here!



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