Mohawks’ latest season a huge success

The Amsterdam Mohawks recently won their fourth championship in the last five years, and while doing so, hopefully created an enjoyable summer for many people in and out of the area. While we will be announcing some major changes to make our product better and even more affordable soon, we wanted to take an opportunity to thank the many people involved for making the 2013 season a huge success.

Thank you to our great staff, our remarkable host families, our sponsors who we wouldn’t exist without, local police/fire who support our efforts so much, the area media whose coverage is beyond spectacular, the city of Amsterdam – which supports our efforts to make Mohawks baseball and Shuttleworth Park such an attraction – and most of all thanks to the fans and supporters of our team, who are as dedicated and vociferous as any fans in the nation.

For 2014 and beyond, the Mohawks are dedicated to creating an even better team, making coming to a game even more affordable and improving Shuttleworth Park as a whole.

See you next summer.


president and G.M.,

Amsterdam Mohawks

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