Ponticello can lead city

Gloversville needs a mayor who can lead this city into the future. There are many people who still believe in this city, such as myself and Mike Ponticello. I hear the way people talk negatively about Gloversville, the deplorable conditions, the fragmented leadership, the crime and the blight. So let’s not just talk about these things anymore, let’s elect a mayor who will address these problems and bring every city department, every county entity, every state resource together at one table and begin to resolve these issues.

I believe Michael Ponticello is the best candidate to lead this city and to make Gloversville thrive and not just survive.

Mike has the passion, the leadership ability, and the experience to bring people together to work toward a common goal. We believe there are still great things in store for Gloversville.

Don’t give up on your hometown. Show your pride for Gloversville.

Elect Mike Ponticello mayor of Gloversville. Vote for Mike Ponticello on Sept. 10.



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