Ponticello the best choice

Often I’m being asked who I think is the best choice for mayor of Gloversville. Shortly, registered Republicans will be asked to vote in a primary that will select the candidates for this very important job.

This primary may present some difficulties for some people who know all three gentlemen running, who are all nice people. One has to treat the choice based on what is actually being done. We are hiring a person to be CEO of a $16 million organization, and you are a shareholder, by your property tax, sales tax and fees.

Having been part of the selection process for hiring in government, church and as a business owner, I have things that I look for. Education plays a big part in this, so I go with the highest level achieved. Experience is a factor that can’t be ignored; administrative familiarity is a must for this job. Continuity of employment is a good indicator of reliability, and moving up in one’s own field shows a clearheaded person with defined goals. In a selection process, references are often called; we can talk with people that have worked with them.

My choice would be Mike Ponticello. He has the most education, and experience of any of the candidates. The forward motion in his career path through the education system, then to supervisor and now trying for mayor, makes him a logical choice.

Having known Mike for many years, I never had an opportunity to see how gifted he is in this field. When he was elected supervisor of Ward 5, I got to see him in action. I was amazed at how fast he came up to speed on the complexities of county government; from the first meeting he was an asset. Many new supervisors spend years learning the job.

You have to ask yourself some of these questions, gather your facts and cast an educated vote, not one based on emotion; it is your future and your city.

I live and vote in Gloversville!



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