Some benefits are earned

I am writing this letter to try and shed some light on what some call “entitlement programs.”

Medicare is not an “entitlement” but something most people have paid into since the day they began working/earning a wage.

Social Security Disability is not a free benefit or entitlement, either. It is a system that has been paid into and has been earned by the individual receiving it.

Also, there are forms of Medicaid – for example, the Medicaid Buy In program for Working People with Disabilities – which are available for working people who might be disabled.

Some politicians and misguided citizens seem to want to spread propaganda about a large sector of the population who are living the “high life” on “free” programs.

I am encouraging the average person to research their claims before condemning someone who might be receiving an earned benefit.

Thank you for allowing me this expression of my opinions.



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